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Use a Gray Crane To Do Spy, Only Need A Portable Tracker

In China, an injured “National Treasure” gray crane was found in the land of Huludao and was discovered by a good person. The police and the people joined forces to rescue the gray crane in a timely manner and released it in the wild. In order to understand the traces of the Grey Crane family and its population, the relevant departments have especially used the portable tracker to track their family tracks.

asset tracking device

Not long ago, the Tashan border police station received a call for help from the masses, saying that a large bird could not fly in a field in Tashan Township. The police immediately rushed to the scene and found a large single bird crawling in the cropland of the Tashan Expressway service area, covered in gray, do not know what kind of variety, the policeman slowly approached the big bird to pick it up and sent it to the fishing mountain to the Haikou Wetland Migratory Bird Monitoring Station.

covert gps tracker

It has been identified that this winged big bird is a gray crane, a national second-class wild protected animal, and the right wing is injured at the tip. This gray crane is lighter in weight, and the analysis may be that the food chain is not sufficient, and the order is lost when the flight.

The rescuers disinfected the gray cranes and found water and food. With food supplies, the gray cranes slowly got up. After 25 days, the injured gray crane has reached the field release requirements, the station staff is ready to release the gray crane at the right time, and wants it to complete a special mission with the portable tracker. Using covert GPS tracker to provide information on when to leave the wintering ground, what time to go to the breeding ground, and experience during the migration. The Natural Resources Administration and the Wildlife Service have installed an asset tracking device for the Grey Crane. The exact position of the bird with portable GPS can be determined by the direction and intensity of the signal from the tracker.

portable gps

Using the portable tracker to lay a foundation for scientific and reasonable suggestions for better research on the habits, migration routes, and protection of the Grey Crane family.

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