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iStartek will answer your questions about the vehicle GPS tracker with SIM card.

Yes! The type of GPS tracker without a SIM card is called a GPS data logger. This type of tracking device is popular among businesses and consumers because they are not GPS tracking devices that charge a monthly fee. However, because the system does not have a SIM card, it cannot transmit real-time GPS data. This means they are not helpful for automated theft security. This is because the only way to view the data is to remove the GPS tracker from the car and download the data to a computer. This is done by using a USB connection.

If you want to send GPS location from one device to another (from your GPS tracker to your phone, for example), you’ll need a SIM card so that the two can “communicate”. The data gets sent by SMS from your tracker to your phone, all thanks to its SIM card.

The advantages of using a GPS tracker with a SIM card are:

Wireless communication between devices: The advantage of a built-in SIM card in your tracker is that it’s connected to the local mobile network. That means it can communicate with other devices. Say you put a GPS tracker in your child’s backpack* on their first day walking to school alone to make sure they get there safely. The tracker’s SIM card lets it forward location data to your phone. Without a SIM card in the GPS tracker, this would normally not be possible.

Real-time tracking: A SIM card also lets you track every moment. For example, iStartek GPS tracker lets you go into LIVE Mode to get location updates every 2-3 seconds, and know your cat or dog is safe and sound. All that is made possible by the tracker’s integrated SIM card.

A GPS tracker with a SIM card usually contains a GPS chip, a GSM chip, a SIM card, and a small CPU1. The GPS chips receive signals from at least four GPS satellites to calculate their position. It then forwards that position to the CPU, which cleans up that data.

At this time, you need a GPS tracking platform to view the device’s dynamics in real-time. The istartek tracking platform is a good choice.

Whether it is on the computer or on the mobile phone, you can track and issue instructions to let you quickly know and understand the current situation.

iStartek tracker model PT29 supports pet, personal, cargo, etc. use. It is a 4G waterproof mini device.

GPS tracker with SIM card

PT29 Mini Portable GPS tracker has:

1) Support 4G network

2) Two-way audio

3) Real-time track by SMS/GPRS

4) IP67 Waterproof

5) 650mah inbuilt battery

6) SOS Button

iStartek is an ISO9000 approved factory, offering 1 years quality warranty, with a 1% lower defective rate and rich government project experience, such as NBTC, LTFRB, AIS140, etc.

For more information on GPS tracker with SIM card, please check iStartek’s official website:

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