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Does 2G GPS Tracker Still Needed in the market?

In this 21st century, you probably have heard 2G GPS Tracker, one way or the other GPS tracking is a very popular term today. It is almost normal for in the world that people are connected to things, use GPS to locate their vehicle’s locations or monitor their asset or route with GPS apps such as Google Maps. But what exactly is meant by GPS trackers and how does a GPS tracker work?

In this article, iStartek will let you know a broad understanding of GPS tracking since iStartek is one of the manufacturers and suppliers of GPS Tracker in China. Further, we iStartek a company that develops GPS trackers for Rental cars, Trucks, public buses, e-bikes, explain common applications of GPS with examples chosen largely from the mobility sector such as cars or e-bicycles.

What is a GPS Tracker:

A global positioning system (GPS) is a direction-finding device that is normally put on vehicles for instance a car, a person, or an asset to determine their relative locations.

2G GPS Tracker

GPS is currently a worldwide radio-navigation system that depends on around twenty-four satellites 6 and their stations on the ground. The System gets its control from the US defense department as its development was for military operations only. Currently, there are many GPS services across the world since every civilian user is allowed the System without charges or restrictions.

Can 2g GPS Tracker still have many functions as 4G GPS Tracker

The only difference between 2g and 4g GPS Tracker is that 4g could have 4g, 3g, and 2g network modules in one but 2g could only cover 2g network however when it comes to the functions they could still have the same functions as GPS Trackers, for instance, iStartek VT200 2G GPS Tracker have the following functions which are same as VT200-L 4G GPS Tracker:

  • It could support GPS+GSM base station dual-mode positioning²
  • Real-time tracking: can see the tracking data in the real-time
  • Track by time interval: you can set the interval for the tracker to send the tracking data.²
  • Track by distance: Can track by distance
  • Mileage report: Can check the mileage report on the tracking platform
  • External power failure alarm: it can send an alarm when the power supply is not connected anymore.
  • SMS alarm: can set number to receive SMS alarm
  • SOS alarm: can raise SOS alarm in case of emergency
  • Low battery alarm: when the battery is low it can give alarm
  • Engine and door status change alarm: can be able to check the remaining engine and if the door is open or close
  • Support dual servers: Can support two servers at the same time to receive tracking data²
  • Geo-fence alarm: You may set Geo-fence to monitor the car in a certain spot and when it goes out of the circle the alarm will be triggered
  • Over-Speeding alarm: able to monitor the speed while driving²
  • GPS signal loss alarm: can know if the Gps signal is lost

Harsh acceleration alarm²

Harsh deceleration alarm²

Harsh turning alarm

Impact Alarm: Alarm when there is any accident²

Vibration(towing) alarm²

  • Fatigue driving alarm: set hours to be driven and when they exceed without the driver taking rest the device will trigger fatigue alarm²
  • Fuel theft alarm: With a fuel sensor, you may be able to get a fuel theft alarm, when the fuel drops abruptly
  • Low fuel alarm: When the fuel level is low it can trigger an alarm
  • High and low-temperature alarm: with a temperature sensor, you may be able to know the temperature around
  • 128MbFlash: inbuilt memory which is used for storing data when the device is in a blind area with no signal
  • FOTAupgrade: can upgrade the firmware online through a tracking platform

Set ACC ON, ACC OFF time interval: You may configure the time for ACC ON and OFF

  • Remote-control fuel/electricity: With relay, you may be able to  cut off the engine in case of theft
  • RFID,iButton driver identification(optional): Able to connect RFID and iButton for driver identification and vehicle control
  • Buzzer alarm(optional): used for alarm sound
  • Fuel sensor(optional): Fuel sensor(ultrasonic and capacitive) used for measuring the remaining fuel
  • Temperature sensor(optional): used for measuring the temperature
  • OBD Canbus reader(optional): Used for measuring fuel, Temp, ..

GPS tracking is a method that involves finding out the exact location of something and monitoring it. 2G GPS tracker contains a GPS component that collects the GPS signals and computes for example the vehicle’s coordinates or the machine to be tracked. A tracking system, for instance, can be placed on vehicles, cell phones, or any GPS-tracker-oriented devices; GPS on these devices can be either be permanently fixed or be portable.

VT200 2G Waterproof GPS Tracker

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VT005 4G OBD GPS Tracker

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