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How to set VT140 GPS tracking device for vehicle online on platform by sms command?

Hello, everyone, this is Allen from iStartek, we are a quality factory for 2g 3g 4g GPS tracking device for vehicle, in this article, we will show you how to set VT140 GPS tracking device for vehicles online on the platform by SMS Commands.

VT140 is a Car GPS tracking device that is specially designed for the Indian government project AIS140, so it’s using the customized protocol, normally our clients will use it in their own tracking platform.

gps tracking device for vehicle

VT140 Car GPS tracking device support many functions, you can check part of it as below:

9-100V wide range power supply, IP66 waterproof

Support to send data to 2 different servers

Support sim card and E-Sim card

RS232 Port can connect with RFID, OBD Reader, etc

  • Wire support to connect with MAX 8 Temp sensors

Support fuel theft alarm

Before starting please add a Car GPS tracking device IMEI Number to your own tracking platform,

Now let’s turn the VT140 GPS tracking device for vehicle on, start sending SMS commands to configure parameters.

SMS Command to set IP/domain for IP1:

SET PIP: IP/domain

If the platform domain is, we send:


If platform IP is, we send:



SMS Command to set Port for IP1:


If platform port is 8011, we send:

SET PPT:8011


SMS Command to set time interval:


T=time interval, it’s in a unit of per 1s.

For example, if I want to set the time interval as 60, send SMS command:



SMS Command to set APN:


SET APN: is fixed content

X=APN of the sim card

Y=APN Name of the sim card

Z=APN password of the sim card

If there is no apn username and apn password, just leave it blank.


For example, if we are using India Airtel sim card on VT140 GPS tracking device, APN information is as below:


Username: Not Required.

Password: Not Required.

So we can send this SMS command to set apn:



After getting a reply to the above SMS commands, we can put the VT140 GPS tracking device in open sky place, after a while we can see the Blue and green led are on for 0.1 seconds, off for 2.9 seconds, which means the GPS tracking device is connecting with the platform and getting valid GPS signal, so we can check GPS tracking device for vehicle online status on a tracking platform. 


Thanks for your reading, if you have any queries for GPS tracking device vehicle welcome to contact us freely.

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