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The OBD-II-II connector with GPS vehicle locator device, on the one part, it’s for diagnosing, another part is for easy installation.

The OBD-II-II connector together with GPS vehicle locator device for diagnosing using:

OBD-II stands for Onboard Built-in Diagnosis. As the name suggests it is a diagnosis system that is built into all modern cars, which OBD-II systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle sub-systems, which has a computer-based application that monitors the performance of your car through your speed, mileage, fuel emission data, etc via vehicle GPS locator system. This OBD-II-II connector is meant to be used only by the service guy to monitor the health of your Car and provide diagnosis via GPS vehicle locator device, apart from this it also controls the warning lights on your Cars dashboard.

gps vehicle locator device

It is a federal law to modify or tamper with the OBD system of your car, but if your engine failure light has gone in your Car and you want to diagnose the problem by yourself then it is pretty much easy to use connectors like ODB-II to connect between your Car and a microcontroller or microprocessor. Once you get all the vital details of your car into a development platform like Arduino or Raspberry Pi then the application is limitless, get a GPS vehicle locator device via OBD-II connector will easily support you achieve it.

vehicle locator

The OBD port can found on the dashboard near the steering wheel of every car. The position of the port varies based on the manufacturer and is normally hidden in a blind spot for aesthetic reasons. Once you find the port hook up the connector and connect the other end to the STN1110 OBD UART board. Then the UART board is connected to a computer where the communication takes place through the Tx, Rx and Ground pins and normal data type will be with 9600 baud rate in which there will be 8-data bits and 1 stop bit with no parity. We can then use any serial communication software like putty or even Arduino to speak with the car through AT commands. Each AT command has a specific task to perform or returns a specific value. You can learn more about interfacing through the Sparkfun hookup tutorial which explains how the connection should be made and initiated, get a GPS vehicle locator device via OBD-II connector will easily support you achieve it.

gps vehicle locator

The OBD-II-II connector together with GPS vehicle locator device for easily installation:

For some clients if they are not familiar with the professional installation diagram, worry about the high cost for a technical engineer, they can choose a GPS vehicle locator device with a OBD-II connector just plugin on the car, our GPS vehicle locator device can easily customize to OBD-II connector.

So have you clear how to use the OBD-II connector with GPS vehicle locator device already?


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