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The human tracking device is a new technology personal GPS tracker for people. In order to prevent the loss of children, it uses GPS and GPRS two positioning technologies to confirm the child’s location and realize the exact location of the object in a short time.

The accuracy of the range is up to 10 meters, and the human tracking device also has a real-time query function, which supports query by computer platform query, SMS command query, smartphone query, and other methods. There are also favorite personalization settings for children and parents, which can customize ringtone settings, volume settings, family number settings, etc., and also have a call-in restriction function, which can keep family members away from the nuisance of advertising calls and spam.

tracking devices for people

There is also the most important and favorite feature of parents, SOS. When family members (users) need to know the most, as long as they gently click the safety companion, and can connect your phone, let you talk with her, It’s the same concept as using a mobile phone. What features do you hesitate about? human GPS tracker is the best choice to prevent children and monitor special groups.

Tracking devices for people, anti-theft items. Its smart size and high accuracy make it enjoy a great reputation. Based on GPS satellites, a human tracking device provides you with accurate position information under dynamic conditions. You can use these features to protect and find the elderly and children. And you can use it for security purposes and other purposes, such as the need for remote locations to protect property security and animal tracking.

human gps tracker

Mainly targeted at the user group of human tracking device:

1. Students: Mainly for primary and middle school students, parents want to know what their children do every day, whether it is truancy, where did they go after school, of course, traffic dangers, water dangers still exist.

2.Children: There are incidents of child trafficking, many parents are willing to wear a human tracking device to their children.

3. Young women: More and more businesswomen and adolescent women are being harassed by unscrupulous heterosexual people or even personally attacked when they go out alone. Human tracking device help products are designed with very perfect solutions for this group.

4. Elderly: With the approach of China’s aging society, the safety of elderly people who go out has become an important issue for the safety of elderly people. Old people like Alzheimer’s often go out, they can’t find a home, and their families have nowhere to go.

gps tracker for people

For the health of my family, I think I can try the human tracking device.

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