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When we buy a GPS tracker, we definitely don’t want to let it be discovered. So where is it more hidden? Now people’s living standards are getting better and better. Many people have already bought cars in their homes in order to focus on the quality of life. The cost of a car is second only to the house. This money is also hard-earned. It is not easy. If we are afraid of theft of the car, we can install a GPS tracker, But where can I install a hidden GPS tracking device? This is a topic worth discussing. 

car tracking device spy

1. engine compartment. This position is also very safe for installing hidden GPS tracking device. Everyone knows that there are many parts in the engine compartment, and they are all key parts. They can influence the life of a car. Usually, no one looks at it Unless there is any problem and need inspection and maintenance, it is a hidden place to put the spy GPS tracking device in the engine compartment.

spy gps tracking device

2. Rearview mirror. Don’t ignore the rearview mirror, it’s just such a small thing that is enough for the spy tracking devices. Put the GPS tracker in the rearview mirror, most people can’t find it.

3. Under the seat. Basically, no one would think that the car tracking device spy would be hidden under the seat that he often sits on, and he certainly couldn’t feel it. If the owner did not check it carefully, he would definitely not find it.

spy tracking devices

4. inside the control. Because there is a navigation system, air conditioning system, etc. in the central control of the car, disassembly is relatively convenient. Because the engine compartment is in front of the central control, placing the hidden GPS tracking device here will have a stronger signal, as long as the car appears in a relatively open area, Then the GPS can transmit the signal and the other party can receive the signal. Therefore, the central control of the car has become the first choice for installing a hidden GPS tracking device, which is both safe and concealed, and it is really convenient to install a hidden GPS tracking device that requires power.

Even if the car is driven away by a thief, you can locate it through the hidden GPS tracking device, do you have else idea to hide the GPS tracker?

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