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In the GPS hardware device market, many GPS tracker companies will advertise that they own the best Long battery life GPS tracker, but it is real? when we listen to this, we should be careful and identify. Because not all slogans are authentic.

long battery life gps tracker
If you really need a GPS device with a battery longer life in 2020, you shouldn’t miss this post, I will introduce you to the most competitive long battery life GPS tracker in 2020. As the customer be interested in GPS tracker, you should not miss.

Features and use of wireless strong magnetic long battery life GPS tracker PT50:

mini gps long lasting battery

The small size of long battery life GPS tracker PT50: it’s the smallest size easily hidden

Stable anti-shielding: GPS positioning + LBS positioning, when any positioning signal disappears, it will automatically switch to another mode to continue positioning to ensure that the positioning signal does not disappear.

gps tracker 5 year battery

Strong magnet installation-free: built-in high-strength industrial strong magnet, which can be directly adsorbed on the metal surface, and the installation is directly hidden

Light sensor removal alarm: When the photoresistor in the device detects light, it will automatically send a removal alarm to the guardian and the platform

Ultra-low standby current for mini GPS long lasting battery PT50: ultra-low power consumption, standby current is less than 0.03mA, to ensure that the product can work for a long time, standby time can be around 1 year.

gps device with battery

  1. Long battery life GPS tracker PT50 functions:

Vehicle real-time monitoring: positioning can be done after power on, no dead spots in national positioning, positioning and tracking all the time

Historical trajectory playback: It can replay the driving trajectory for nearly a year, and the current vehicle speed and stay time can be displayed during the playback process

Mileage statistics: use the driving record function of the GPS vehicle terminal to calculate the mileage of the vehicle

Alarm report: According to the function of the terminal GPS positioning device, the platform integrates and presents various alarm reports such as speeding alarm, cross-border alarm, offline alarm, route correction alarm, vibration alarm, SOS alarm, etc.

Silent and hidden work: remote boot, shutdown, query, etc. without any sound

Smart standby power saving: When stopped for a long time, the device will enter the power saving mode, which will not cause power loss to the battery

Low battery alarm: When the power of the device is less than 20%, a short message will be sent to the phone that the battery is too low to remind you to charge in time to ensure the normal use of the device

Vehicle equipment management: the maintenance work of querying, counting, adding, deleting, and modifying vehicles

User information management: detailed view and modification of vehicle information data, such as driver, contact information, certificate number, and other related information

Except for 1-year long battery life GPS tracker PT50, we have another 3 year standby time GPS tracker PT55, we are going to developing new GPS tracker 5 year battery, if you have any interest for our product, just contact us without any hesitation?

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