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GPS positioning and monitoring solutions for a motorbike can be seen everywhere in people’s lives. It not only facilitates people’s travel and relieves traffic pressure, but also is a part of green transportation. However, the theft of motorbike has become one of the more and more common theft crimes in society. Almost everyone has had the experience of a motorbike being stolen. People are eager to have a way to curb and reduce these behaviors, and the bike tracking device is coming then.


  1. Feasibility analysis of GPS tracking for motorbike under such a social background, intelligent anti-theft services for motorbike based on GPS motorbike tracking device and the Internet of Things have emerged as needed. Introduce the concept of human-vehicle interaction and communication interaction. In the face of criminals’ short-term theft and transfer of vehicles, GPS satellites, and base station positioning technology are used to assist the police in speeding up the case with continuous positioning and tracking. Istartek applies advanced wireless communication and GPS technology to the location service of personnel and vehicles, and launched GPS anti-theft tracking terminal products suitable for motorbike, allowing car owners to establish a one-to-one authentication relationship with the anti-theft device through their mobile phones, and the vehicle status at any time Real-time recording, the location and information will be sent to the owner’s mobile phone as soon as possible under special circumstances of the theft, and alarms for abnormal vibration and displacement of the vehicle are supported, and positioning and tracking can be achieved no matter where the vehicle is placed.

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  1. Overview of the GPS tracker motorbike monitoring system program, The bike tracking device GPS safety monitoring software consists of a background monitoring system and a vehicle terminal VT203 bike tracking device. The back-end monitoring software is the “nerve center” of the entire system, which centrally implements monitoring, dispatching, receiving/dealing, and other information services, and coordinates and manages the hardware of the entire system, including statistical analysis of data. The vehicle-mounted terminal VT203 bike tracking device is a small and professional intelligent control terminal suitable for installation on a motorbike, motorcycles, and even bicycles. The terminal adopts large-scale integrated circuits and has a built-in antenna design. Each functional module and the whole machine have undergone multiple tests. , Coupled with modular multi-layer structured embedded software, ensure stable and reliable performance of terminal equipment. And for different types of a motorbike, there are non-functional designed terminal products to meet the needs of different equipment.

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Advantages of VT203 bike tracking device: 1. Atmospheric appearance, small size (thickness as low as 15mm), only the size of two 1 yuan coins, strong concealment. 2. Wide voltage design (9-90V) to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment. 3. GPS+LBS dual positioning, no longer have to worry about the underground parking lot no signal, positioning is more accurate. 4. Highly integrated module design, using a large-scale integrated circuit, high module integration, high technical content. 5. The wiring is simple, there are only two wires, plus and minus, the girl can install it by herself. 6. Intelligent power management, ultra-low power consumption, intelligent sleep, and wake-up, sleep current less than 15mA. 7. The computer and mobile phone can check the car at any time, which is convenient and intelligent, and the “people” and “cars” are at zero distance and receive alarm reminders at zero charges. The data transmission between the vehicle terminal and the monitoring center is carried out by the GPRS/GSM public data network. As long as the GSM can cover the place, the system can run stably.

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Fourth, the monitoring platform function analysis This bike tracking device monitoring system is designed to minimize the cost while ensuring the best performance and pursue the maximum cost performance. All software systems are developed independently, which facilitates long-term cooperation, and also guarantees the economy and practicability of the software system.

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