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Is it necessary to buy a children tracker

Children’s GPS positioning mobile phones, also known as children’s safety mobile phones, children tracker and so on. Watch the news the other day

There are 200000 children missing every year in China. Children’s mobile phones are used to facilitate parents to contact, monitor and protect their children,. It is a special mobile phone for children aged 4-14 years.

child gps tracker

The main functions of children’s GPS positioning mobile phone are as follows:

Global GPS safe and accurate positioning

The first time to understand the whereabouts of children. The location of the child can be found by positioning SMS, mobile phone and qianxintong website.

Safety ultra low radiation

Ultra-low radiation, hands-free intercom, in line with EU standards, lower than the national mobile phone safety radiation value.

Colorful theme

Personalized needs, a variety of colorful theme collocation, endless fun, show children’s interest.

Emergency SOS key

Long press for 3 seconds, the mobile phone immediately sends the location of the child to the parents in the form of SMS, and circularly dials the phone numbers of the first three guardians of the child.

Historical track

Anytime and anywhere on the Internet can query the children’s location and route of the day, even if the child is not in the sight range, can also master the child’s whereabouts.

Electronic fence

Parents can set up a safe area for their children’s activities. When the children are close to the Internet bar or video game city and other dangerous areas, the mobile phone will automatically send text messages to inform parents.

Remote monitoring

Parents can clearly listen to the voice around the children by sending the designated SMS to their children’s mobile phones and then dialing the children’s phone, so that parents can understand the current situation of their children.

Invisible in class

Set class stealth, you can set the time of each class, class time can not be called in, to ensure the normal order of class, children are not distracted.

Telephone controlled

Limit the children’s talk time and say goodbye to the huge phone charges caused by the phone porridge.

Anti theft tracking

In case of theft or loss, when the SIM card is replaced, children tracker will automatically send warning information to the illegal users and send information to parents at the same time.

Limit shutdown

Parents can limit the shutdown, so that children can not intentionally or unintentionally shut down, to ensure that they can contact their children anytime and anywhere.

Security firewall

Shield the interference of strange phone calls and harassment messages, and give children a healthy growth space.

IP67 level waterproof

Children tracker has dust-proof, shockproof and splash proof functions. Among them, the waterproof function strength reaches IP67.

Intelligent power saving

Artificial intelligence algorithm, the most effective battery saving, and let parents know the children’s information accurately.

Low power reminder

When the power is too low, parents will be informed by SMS to ensure the normal use of children’s mobile phones.

older gps tracker

Worried about where your kid is going while you are busy in something or want to keep a check on where they go regularly, children tracker have your back then.

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