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Have you ever seen children, old people, pets lost? If so, you need a tracking device GPS to solve the problem. If not, why don’t you try our MINI waterproof tracking device GPS to prevent further losses?

The waterproof tracking device GPS uses GPS module and GSM module and these two information technologies to realize the real-time positioning and tracking of vehicles. Tracking device GPS uses these two technologies to realize 24-hour tracking, which plays an important anti-theft role. It can also send short messages to query the specific location, which brings great convenience to people who have no computer or can’t play computer.

tracking device gps

Recently, there have been frequent animal thefts. I checked the data and found that even in 2020, there is still a lot of animal stealing. In this case, if something unexpected happens, how to retrieve the animal is crucial. So like many owners, they come up with a solution–MINI animal tracking device GPS. Animal tracking device GPS is not only to prevent abduction. When you take your animals out to play, you can also find it in time if they lose themselves or runs to play secretly. And if there are old people at home who don’t know the way, they can actually use it. Some animals such as dogs and tortoises often play in places with water, and the animals worn on their bodies are positioned The MINI animal GPS locator will inevitably come into contact with water. After the animal tracking device enters the water, the circuit will be short-circuited, causing failure and lose the function of preventing pet loss. The tracker cannot meet the requirements of daily life.

animal tracking device gps

At the same time, our MINI GPS tracker protection level reaches the IP67 standard. It can effectively prevent water from entering from the shell, which is dust-proof and waterproof, breathable and pressure relief, balanced internal and external pressure, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof. Soaking in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes is no problem, and the animal tracking device is no longer afraid of water. Considering that animals may travel on rainy days or swim in the water, the MINI GPS Tracker adopts a waterproof design, which exceeds the IP67 waterproof level, so you don’t have to worry about taking your pets to the beach in summer.

All in all, with the improvement of urban living standards, more and more people choose to keep pets and spoil them like “babies”. In their spare time, people always like to take their pets out for walks. However, the owners often worry about their safety and fear that they will be lost or accidents will occur. However, even if the owners are very careful, the loss of pets still often happens. Therefore, the smart pet location tracker came into being, allowing you to grasp the real-time location of your pets in time, and no longer have to worry about their accidental loss. We believe that with the vigorous development of the animal market, the development of animal waterproof tracking device GPS will become more and more prosperous.

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