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How do rental cars and shared cars be protected by 4g gps locator?

Immediately after the holiday, Mike received a call from his customer who was mainly engaged in car rental business, which is the traditional car rental industry. He was anxious to consult with Mike about how to modify the frequency of the wireless 4g gps locator. Later, he learned that a Camry rented out by his company had a serious problem. The on-board cable locator of the Camry was torn apart by the renter. And the leaser’s phone can no longer be reached. The customer checked the vehicle monitoring platform and found that the location where the wired 4g gps locator was disconnected was during high-speed driving, and the driving area had left the established driving purpose and area, which had violated the relevant content of the lease agreement.

4g gps locator

Fortunately, the boss of the car rental company at the time also placed 3 wireless 4g mini locator on the device. Moreover, the staff of the leasing company has many years of risk control experience in this industry. They set the three 4g gps locator to upload modes at different times and intervals. After a dangerous situation, they changed the working mode of the wireless 4g vehicle locator and changed the normal upload mode to real-time tracking mode. Finally, the rental company’s The risk control personnel used three wireless 4g sos gps locator to find the car in a city in another province.

4g mini locator

The most critical point of this wireless 4g gps tracker has a basic IO interface, built-in sensitivity GPS and 4G communication antenna, fast positioning speed, reusable, built-in strong magnet for easy installation, so this wireless 4g gps locator is very popular among customers of car rental companies and auto finance companies, except these company, it can be used for terminal equipment designed for asset positioning and unattended application scenarios.

4g vehicle locator

Under normal circumstances, in car rental companies and auto finance companies, experienced risk control personnel will install the 4g locator in combination and install a 4g gps locator, while the wireless gps locator needs to be installed according to the value of the car body. Within 10,000 yuan, it can be equipped with 2-3 wireless 4g gps tracking device, and the body value is between 100,000 and 180,000, and it can be equipped with 3-4 wireless 4g gps tracker. If your company is doing car leasing and auto finance, and needs corresponding on-board positioning equipment to meet the risk control of vehicle assets, iStartek will have very professional and experienced solution to assist you in this work.

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