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In the automotive industry, magnetic mini GPS has a high usage rate and is also an indispensable one.

Why do car owners care so much about mini magnetic GPS tracker? That’s all for a reason. There are many advantages and many people naturally like.

  1. The battery must be durable and have enough time to chase the car.

mini magnetic gps

The working current of the magnetic GPS tracker battery is 60~80mA/3V, the standby current is less than 3.5uA, and the capacity is 4500mA. How long can the battery be used at a time? After a long period of testing, the result is about three years of use. In other words, after the mini magnetic GPS tracker is placed, it can be used for three years without charging or replacing the battery. The loan evader drove away and the wired GPS was dismantled. Then the GPS magnetic mini tracker is very important, so the battery of the wireless GPS tracker must be well controlled.

The battery of the magnetic mini GPS itself is durable. The important thing is that our personnel cooperate with the customer to consider the activation time of the device from the customer’s point of view. Based on experience, we recommend that the customer activate the wireless online time to ensure sufficient car tracking power.

  1. magnetic mini GPS small and exquisite, with strong concealment

magnetic mini gps

Since the mini magnetic GPS is free of installation, the advantage is that it is flexible and convenient, and can be placed at will. The first feeling of getting a magnetic GPS tracker is that it is very small, but it has a texture. Although it is small but not light, it may be because of the built-in Let’s use lithium batteries and strong magnets. The new generation product is twice as small as the previous generation product. The back is a strong magnet, and when you take it to the side of a table made of iron, it can be adsorbed instantly, and it is very firm, and ordinary vibrations cannot shake it down.

  1. Light sensor alarm

Separate the magnet from the device, and you can see a small light-sensitive hole on the back, which is one of the methods used to prevent removal. The small holes are attached with black adhesive paper when they are not in use. When using the device, attach the device to the body and tear the adhesive paper apart. Once the device is removed, the light will enter the hole. An alarm will be generated. This feature is very helpful.

  1. Two positioning methods of base station + GPS

mini magnetic gps tracker

The magnetic GPS tracker supports two positioning methods: GPS and base station positioning. When there is no GPS signal, LBS positioning is automatically enabled, which solves the problem of unable to locate without a GPS signal in many cases. Multiple positioning, more precise positioning.

In addition to web-side tracking and positioning, the mobile-side operating experience is also very good, and you can get started in a few minutes. The functions are relatively rich, and those who are interested can experience it again. The platform can be positioned, track playback, electronic fence, alarm notification, and other related data can be generated at a glance, which is very convenient.

magnetic mini GPS Generally speaking, this device can satisfy the positioning and anti-theft function of the vehicle. The owner or the car loan company can check the status of the vehicle on the mobile phone or computer at any time to avoid additional losses. The advantage of the GPS magnetic mini tracker is that it is placed in a random position, has a long working time, and can be activated at any time.

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