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What are the supported functions by obd tracker?

obd tracker is a type of Vehicle tracker which connects with vehicle OBD port, its plug and play, very easy to install. This article will show you more details about iStartek VT005 obdii tracker, which is mainly used for vehicle fleet management and diagnosis.

VT005 is a 4g obd tracker which combined various functions, let us list for you one by one.

  1. VT005 obd gps tracking supports real time tracking: This is the basic function for all trackers, so you can track your vehicle anywhere anytime via web-based tracking platform and mobile app.
  2. VT005 obd trackers is Plug and plays, with easy to install features.

From the photo we can see its very compact with OBD port when installing we just need plugin our vehicle OBD port, it’s very convenient. So iStartek obd tracker VT005 is an ideal choice for the vehicle owners who don’t want to connect too many wires inside vehicle, do not want to change vehicle inside wire structures.

obd tracker

  1. VT005 obd gps locator with Strong compatibility, which can be used for all cars that meet the international OBD II standard.

VT005 gps obdii tracker support to set different time intervals when vehicle in acc on, acc off status. With this special function, we can set a very small time interval for acc on status, such as 3s, in this case, the vehicle history route will be very complete. And in acc off status, we can set a longer time interval to save power and data using.

VT005 car obd gps tracker detects vehicle health status, vehicle error alarm, its special function for obd tracking device, so when there is any abnormal for our vehicles, we will get alarmed, and related alarm cost which indicates which part is broken or say has an issue, then we can repair it timely.

  1. VT005 obd gps tracker can do driving behavior detection, such as if the vehicle Fatigue driving, we can set driving time as 4hours, if obd tracker detects the time is over than our preset value, it will send out an alarm. Also, it will have a harsh acceleration/deceleration alarm, etc.
  2. Besides the above-listed functions, obd2 tracker also supports fuel monitoring, geo fence, Mileage report, etc.

If you want to learn more about our obd tracker, welcome to contact us to get samples testing.

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