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How to Generate SOS Alarm by iStartek VT100-L GPS Tracker?

Hello family, This is Matthew an account manager at iStartek, we are the manufacturer of 2G 3G 4G GPS Trackers since 2015. Today we gonna show you how to Generate SOS Alarm by our VT100-L GPS Tracker, stay tuned.




You need one Computer

One Cell phone with Two Sim Card(one for the tracker and another one for your cell phone).

We need VT100-L GPS Tracker, we need power cable for GPS Tracker,

We need SOS Button, One USB Cable for online configurations and

12V Power supply.




– Insert the Sim card correctly.

– Connect SOS Button to SOS port from VT100-L GPS Tracker.

– Connect Red and black wires from GPS Tracker to Red and Black wire of power supply.

 – Connect GPS Tracker to your Laptop via USB Cable.


Is about Setting SOS Alarm by Parameter editor


– If you already connected your GPS Tracker to your computer by iStartek USB cable,


– You can now go ahead open iStartek Parameter Editor.

Choose the right Com Port and click “OPEN”, and check at your left side downwards, if it shows connected, then you are good to go. click “read all” to check all the current parameters.


– Click “GPRS” to set APN, IP, Port, GPRS mode, and time interval. and please remember to click “write” to save your configurations.


– Click “Auth” to set Authorized number which will receive sms and SOS alarm call on your phone. Click write.



– Click “Event” to activate the event SOS alarm event.

as we connected our SOS to Input1 we will select input1 active and Auth No.1, as we already authorized No.1. we select SMS and monitoring function for SMS and receiving a call on our phone once SOS Button is pressed  


– You can also choose Auth No.2 or 3 depend on which number that you have authorized. Then click Write to save all your configurations. That’s all for setting SOS alarm by Parameter editor


STEP THREE: is about Setting SOS Alarm by SMS Command


If you already installed the tracker into your vehicle, you can use the following SMS commands to set SOS Alarm


-First need of all, you need to set Authorized the number

The first command right here, it shows that we authorize this phone number for receiving SMS and Call when the SOS button is pressed. We could set up to three different authorized numbers.


The second SMS command is about setting the authorized number to receive SMS alarm event. This command means that we set the first authorized number to receive SMS once the SOS button is pressed.

Please, remember that if you want to add another number, you will have to send a different command.


The third command is about setting the device(Phone) to receive a call event once SOS button is pressed. this command here, means that we set the first authorized number to receive a call when SOS button is pressed.

Please, remember that if you want to add another number, you will have to send a different command.



LAST STEP: is about testing our SOS alarm function

– After making connections and configurations by parameter editor or SMS command,  gently press your SOS Button and check if you receive a call on your phone or(and) SMS from the tracker.

-Press SOS button and wait a moment. It could take time, now you can see we just received a call from the tracker, now we could go ahead and check SMS.

We could now check our SMS, it may take time, it depends on the GPS signal and also the network as well.

-You could see this is the number we set for receiving SMS from the tracker and we have to wait a little bit

. It cannot exceed 30 seconds, we just have to wait a moment depending on the connections.


– You can see right now we just received the SMS from the tracker, and the time is right correct. 17:59 min is the same 17:59 mins.

-Thank you so much it means that our VT100-L Tracker, it can work with SOS Button to generate SOS alarm in case of emergency.


Hey, family, that’s all for today, please share this SOS Alarm video and give us a thump up and follow us on our Youtube channel and facebook and instagram and all social medial platforms. for more information you may visit our official website:, thank you for having us tonight, see you next time.

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