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A location tracker is a technology that allows you to track the geographic location of a person or object using location tracker gps, Wi-Fi, or cellular data. It is commonly used for navigation, asset tracking, fleet management and personal security.

NB lot gps tracker

Location data is collected in real time and transmitted to a central server or user device and visualized on a map. Location trackers can be embedded in a variety of devices, such as smartphones, cars, watches, and even pet collars.


A 4G GPS tracker is a device that uses 4G cellular networks to transmit GPS location data in real time. This technology provides faster and more reliable connections compared to 2G or 3G trackers. 4G GPS trackers are commonly used for asset tracking, fleet management, and personal security. It can be attached to vehicles, packages, pets and even people, allowing you to monitor their location and activities.


Location data is transmitted to a central server and can be viewed on a map and analyzed. A 4G location tracker gps also offer additional features such as geofencing, SOS alerts, and remote control.


Live tracking is a technology that allows users to track and monitor the location and movement of objects, vehicles, or people in real time. It is commonly used in the logistics, transportation and fleet management industries to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance safety. Real-time tracking systems rely on GPS, cellular networks, and other wireless technologies to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the location and status of tracked objects. With real-time tracking, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize routes, and improve customer satisfaction.


Geofencing is a location-based technology that allows you to create virtual boundaries on a map and trigger actions when a device enters or exits a defined area. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular data to determine the device’s location and send notifications to the user or a central server. Geofencing is often used for marketing, security, and fleet management purposes.

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For example, a retail store can send promotional notifications to customers’ smartphones when they enter a geofenced area of the store. A security system can be set up to alert homeowners when there is damage to their property. Logistics companies can monitor vehicle movements and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave geofenced areas. Geofencing is a powerful technology that can improve efficiency, security, and customer engagement.


With iStartek Real-time tracking enables continuous monitoring and recording of data, often related to the location or movement of objects or people. The technology is widely used in industries such as logistics, transportation and security as it enables real-time visibility of assets or individuals. Real-time tracking can be achieved through a variety of means, including location tracker gps technology, RFID tags and sensors. Data collected through real-time tracking can be used to optimize processes, increase efficiency and enhance safety and security measures.

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