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Major roads and city streets in many countries have speed limits. If you exceed the speed limit, this will not only cause you to receive a ticket from the transportation department, but also increase your insurance premiums, excessive vehicle wear, increased fuel usage, and vehicle maintenance The overall cost. In this article I will introduce iStartek new launched speed limiter GPS tracker products? and Introduce what is a speed limiter?

speed limiter GPS

What is a speed limiter?

A speed limiter is a governor used to limit the top speed of a vehicle. For some classes of vehicles and in some jurisdictions they are a statutory requirement. Such as Ethiopia, Kenya.

iStartek’s speed limiter GPS– A01 GPS speed limiter is an automobile safety accessory that can effectively control the speed of the vehicle without affecting the power of the original vehicle. It not only avoids the safety hazards caused by speeding but also ensures the free movement of the accelerator pedal within the speed limit range. The A01 speed limiter is used with a high-precision GPS tracker and is only suitable for automobiles with electronic accelerators. It can be applied to fleet management, public transportation management, school bus management, bus operation management, high-risk freight vehicle management, etc.

gps tracker with speed limited

So, how does it work?

When the GPS tracker detects that the driving speed reaches the speed limit set, the GPS tracker will output a signal to activate the speed limiter. At this time, the system will force the speed limit, and the accelerator pedal will automatically adjust and cannot refuel. When the speed drops below the speed limit, the speed limit is lifted at this time.

Power Cable Functions

Color Function
Red The positive pole of the power input is connected to the positive pole of the car battery; the input voltage is 9-36V.
Black The power ground wire is connected to the negative pole of the car battery, or to the place where the iron is stuck on the car.
Yellow Control signal input, low-level trigger; used to start the speed limit function.
Grey Connect to the low-level signal line of the throttle at the ECU end of the car
Blue Connect to the low-level signal line of the accelerator pedal output
Green Connect to the high-level signal line of the throttle at the ECU end of the car
White Connect to the high-level signal line of the accelerator pedal output


What is the use of a speed limiter?

It is a safety device that makes long-distance travel easier to complete. Limiting your ability to exceed the speed limit (or any other speed you may set), saves you from having to keep checking your speed. This also means that you are unlikely to speed up and risk penalties. You may find it particularly convenient in towns or a section of highway construction, where the speed limit is lower than normal.

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