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TP002 is iStartek Web-based tracking platform, include a Mobile app for Andriod& IOS phones.

It supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, Arabic, etc.

iStartek Tracking Platform is the most user-friendly application to track your vehicles. This dynamic technology which runs on our own high-quality GPS Server is all set to stream across the global market!  Using our product we can track vehicles like trucks, cars, buses, bikes and much more.   

Tracking platform--------Online Tracking software TP002:

Simple easy for management and tracking!
Time Zone & Local Language More than 10 languages and timezone settings
Multiple Account Support Allow you to set up an account for company user to manage many vehicles
Group Management The user can manage the vehicle by setup different groups
Reporting and Export An overview report, Speeding report, Mileage Report, Stop Report
SMS and Email Notification Get alert by SMS or Email
Real-Time Tracking Track the vehicle by real-time
Location History Replay the location history
SOS Alarm SOS Alert
Communication Failure Monitoring Monitor the vehicle when it is not reporting
Over Speed Monitoring Monitor the vehicle when it is over the speed
Online Vehicle Engine Control Turn on or turn off the engine
Geo-fence Notification Set up a zone to monitor the vehicle to enter or exit this zone.
Landmark Mark the new point in the map by yourself

1. Tracking Platform Login:
1. 1.Choose login with IMEI NO, then login with each device ID.
Choose login with IMEI NO.
ID: 121160224163

gps tracking platform

1. 2.Choose login with “Account”, use your Admin account to login.
Tracking Platform Choose login with Account
Account: German GPS
tracking platform
2.Create sub-account for your client
After Login your admin account, click “New”, there will be a new page coming ”Add Customers”, then you just need fill the following information 
as your client need. There are 2 type you can choose for sub-account, End USER and Distributor, the default type is End USER.
End USER type normally is open for some person just buy 1pcs or several pieces for private using. Distributor type normally is open for some 
person buy large quantity from you, then he will resell to others . When your client login with his Distributor account, he has the same right as you, 
like could open sub-account for their client.
istartek tracking platform
3.Add device to sub-account
3.1.After open the sub account for your client, then you could choose the device you need to move, click “Sale”
tracking platform gps
3.2.After Click “Sale” you will see as follows:
tracking software
3.3.Then click as follows, it will show Customer name, after choose Customer name ,then choose “Save”.
gps tracking software
4.Tracking Platform Reset Password :
4.1.If a client forget the login password, you could find this device , click “More” ,then you will see “Reset Password” as followings:(Just for a 
certain device)

4.2.If a Client forget his end user or distributor login password, we could reset their password as below:
Please find the end user or distributor account name firstly, then click the right mouse button

5.Change time zone for mobile app or web based Tracking Platform
Just need click your distributor account name or end user account name on the right of the page, then you will see as follows:
Note: Login with each device ID could not change the time zone on platform, this right only for distributor and end user account.

6.Tracking Platform More settings
You could change and edit some information after click ”Edit”

What makes iStartek tracking platform different? 

  • Multiple languages available
  • On-site deploy
  • 7/24 customer service
  • Web/APP (logo, domain, login page) customization
  • Open API
  • Fleet management analysis
  • AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud based
  • Daily Performance
  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle Performance
  • Over Speed History 
If You use our trackers, you can use iStartek Tracking Platform for free.

VT900-L 4G GPS Tracker

VT900-G 3G GPS Tracker

VT200-L 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

VT140 AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracker

VT600 GPRS GPS Tracker

VT202 Mini GPS Tracking Device

VT206 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

VT800-L 4G Truck GPS Tracker

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