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How to create sub account and add device on itrackcare gps tracking system?

Hello, this is Allen from iStartek, we are a quality manufacturer for 2g 3g 4g GPS Tracker in China, Today we will show you how to create sub account for your clients on itrackcare GPS tracking system.

  1. How to create sub-account on itrackcare gps tracker system?

To create sub-account on itrackcare gps system, we need to login our platform account provided by the iStartek team, click add user, fill in login account name and password, choose account type on itrackcare GPS tracking software, there are 4 Account types on itrackcare GPS system:

Distributor – Distributor account could create sub-accounts like sub-distributor account, sub-end user account, sub-virtual account and etc. It can control expire date of devices under it.

Virtual account – Virtual accounts allow users to copy devices from other accounts and can monitor and review in the same way. But it can’t edit or control the devices.

End-user – End-user account will not enter into any business interface but just monitor page. Users can generate reports, set up kinds of alerts, geo-fence, remind and etc.

Monitor only – Monitor only account as its name, it can only monitor the device.

To give more flexibility to clients normally choose Distributor type when setting up an account.

Here we choose Distributor then click save, after that you can send itrackcare GPS system login information to clients.

gps tracking system

  1. How to add a device on itrackcare GPS tracking system?

To add device on itrackcare GPS tracking system we need to login itrackcare GPS tracking system, check if there is a new card or new card to lifelong card in your account, if not, please contact with iStartek team to get a new card or new card to lifelong card, as when we add a device it will directly use new card or new card to lifelong card. Without a platform card under our account, we can not add a new device.

After making sure all is prepared ready, click add a device, choose the sub-account name to which you want to add the device, choose the device model name.

gps tracking software

Domain/IP, the Port setting for this model name.

New card with 1year system due time after activation.

A new card to lifelong with lifelong system due time.

The user expiration date can be manually modified by the distributor account. But can not over system due time.

Batch IMEI/ID uses space to divide and keep them in different lines.

Finally, click submit, so we add a new device successfully.

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any queries when using itrackcare GPS tracking system, welcome to contact us freely.

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