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Because of their large size and heavyweight, trucks are very prone to accidents, and in the event of an accident, they will have serious consequences, such as damage to the goods and heavy casualties. In recent years, the news has often reported on the car accidents of trucks, and the scenes of the second time are terrible. Therefore, the safe driving of trucks is not only the responsibility of the owner but also the responsibility of the society. However, in addition to the safe configuration of the vehicle itself and the driver’s awareness of safe driving, what other means can be used to reduce truck traffic accidents? With the development of science and technology and the hotspot of “Internet +”, it is another important means to strengthen the management of trucks through truck tracking device and GPS tracking system for trucks.

gps tracking device for trucks

Two types of trucks must be equipped with a truck tracking device.

 1. Dangerous car: The above regulations have been made very clear. Due to the special nature of dangerous goods transportation, real-time monitoring of vehicles is required. If the vehicle deviates from the specified area or route, it will automatically alarm and the vehicle will be dealt with in time by the truck tracking device.

gps tracking device for truck

2. Loan car: Another loan that needs to be installed with a truck tracking device is a loan car. For the mortgage company, in order to prevent the collateral from disappearing, recover the balance and reduce the business risk, they will install GPS tracking device for truck on the car that handles the mortgage business. This enables real-time monitoring, remote fuel cut, remote recovery and other functions for the vehicle by the truck tracking device.

In addition to dangerous goods vehicles, many countries have begun to require a GPS tracking device for trucks. In order to ensure that the quality of truck tracking device meets the requirements, the traffic management department will generally require the installation of designated products, so that the traffic control department can monitor the specified vehicles. For example, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.

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