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For some customers who use the tracker device only for positioning, many multi-function GPS trackers are not only expensive but also not easy to install. In order to cope with this situation, wireless tracking device has appeared on the GPS market.

protable wireless tracking devices

The best feature of this device is wireless, It doesn’t need to connect the cables on the car like other trackers, it reduces the hassle of installation. Under normal circumstances, if you do not need a cable, there are many places where the product can be placed. Wireless GPS trackers usually come with a strong magnetic function. Most wired GPS trackers are not easy to be hidden because it is connected to the interface of the car. It is easy to be detected and destroyed, and the normal positioning function cannot be realized. The strong magnetic wireless tracking devices itself has anti-shield and anti-detection, small size, easy to hide, and not easy to be found.

magnetic wireless tracking device

Since there is no need to connect the vehicle’s power supply, the product itself will support long standby, which will ensure that the long standby wireless tracking devices can be used for a long time after charging, this also saves the amount of electricity lost during the vehicle’s travel.

magnetic gps tracking device long standby wireless tracking devices

After having a magnetic wireless tracking device, it is recommended to place it in the following places, which will not affect the positioning signal and will not be easily found.

1. Front bumper

The front of the bumper is the location that many companies have installed before because the magnet is sucked up, you can’t see it at all, so at the beginning, the front of the bumper is still a good installation position.

2. Rear tail box

3. Inside spare tire

A spare tire is a place that is not easy to think of about place GPS tracker.

4. Inside seat

Placed in the seat, it is difficult to be found with the naked eye

5. Inside mirror

Hope this information can help you find the right wireless tracking device.

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