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Hello everyone, this is Allen from iStartek, we are a professional Manufacturer for 2g 3g and 4G GPS Tracker in China since 2009, if you are looking for a full solution for your vehicles, welcome to contact us because iStartek has very flexible OEM and ODM policy, we will try our best to support you. Now let’s show you What functions are supported by a 3g GPS tracking device?


  1. According to some countries government projects requirement, iStartek did many projects to build a smart city, for example, as per Thailand government project demand we customize VT900 G GPS tracking device to connect with a magnetic card reader, to read Thailand driver’s license card information, its need to swipe authorized license card before using the vehicle.
  2. According to the requirements of the Philippine government’s LTFRB project, we customized VT900 G 3 g GPS tracking device to support sending data to 2 different servers, so 3 g GPS tracker will send standard data to the customer’s own server and send customized data to government LTFRB server.
  3. According to customer needs, customize VT900 G 3g GPS tracking device to connect to OBD connector to read the fuel volume data of the car, this can be used for almost all types of cars, and it makes fuel monitoring easier.
  4. According to customer needs, customize VT900 G 3g GPS tracking device to connect with alcohol sensor to detect whether the driver is drunk driving, to some extent this function can help to reduce traffic accidents. Some clients think this function is helpful and interesting, and now they are testing on it.
  5. According to customer needs, customize VT900 G 3g GPS tracking device to connect with RFID READER for driver identification and swipe the card to start the vehicle.
  6. VT900 G 3g vehicle tracking device can connect with relay for remote engine cut off.
  7. Customize VT900 G 3g GPS tracking device to control vehicle door close or open.
  8. VT900 G 3g GPS device can connect with fuel sensor to detect the fuel level of the vehicle, and we can customize fuel theft alarm.
  9. VT900 G 3g Car GPS tracking device can connect with a temperature sensor to detect temperature, which is widely used in cold chain vehicles.
  10.  VT900 G 3g GPS tracker can connect with a buzzer to make a speeding alarm prompt to ensure that the driver does not speed.
  11. VT900 G GPS tracker 3gcan connect with PIN SWITCH to detect vehicle

hood open/close status.

  1. VT900 G GPS tracker 3g 4g can connect with SOS button, so when there is an emergency, the driver can press it to ask for help.

3g gps tracking device

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of the functions supported by our 3g GPS tracking device. If you are interested in the functions mentioned above or need to support other new functions, please contact us freely.

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