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iStartek PT28 GPS watch adopts watch style and hanging style two kinds of appearance design but also satisfies the function of checking time. The device incorporates the world’s first point-to-point positioning technology, and it is also the first application of this technology in actual products. Unlike traditional GPS that requires monitoring systems, in the process of iStartek PT28 Child GPS tracker application, the guardian can directly query the specific location of the ward through SMS, without going through the platform system, and without paying the platform monthly rent; it is convenient and accurate, and it also eliminates other GPS The high monthly rental fee for monitoring products.

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Another highlight of the iStartek PT28 4g GPS tracker is that it has a clear speaker function. Unlike other monitors, the iStartek PT28 GPS watch locator can directly talk to the guardian without wearing a headset, and the sound is quite clear. It not only guarantees the quality of the call, but also facilitates the communication, and avoids the use of difficulties caused by the inconvenience of the ward.

The GPS watch locator is also very simple to use. You only need to install the SIM card and bind the watch GPS tracker to the monitoring mobile phone. The monitoring party can directly track the specific geographic location information of the monitored party through SMS, including address, image, and latitude and longitude.

If you want to know the location of the subject, just send a text message to the iStartek PT28 GPS watch locator, and it will take a few seconds to know their specific location without a computer check. If the timing feedback function is set in advance, the iStartek PT28 watch tracker can also regularly send information such as the specific location of the guardian to the mobile phone. In addition, the built-in microphone of the watch 4g watch tracker can realize the remote monitoring function. When the child gets lost or is in danger, the alarm function can be realized through the SOS button. The iStartek PT28 4g watch will automatically transmit the alarm information to the bound mobile phone. The monitoring function will play a role.

In addition, the iStartek PT28 GPS tracker watch also has reminder functions such as potential accident alarm, insufficient power, artificial shutdown, etc. As long as the watch 4g watch is manually removed, shut down, or insufficient power, the system will send a warning message to the guardian; at the same time, the precise electronic fence monitoring function is also able to set the range of activities of the guardian, the guardian will enter and exit the designated area set in advance, and the bound mobile phone will also receive a reminder message to inform them that the guardian may be potentially dangerous. At the same time, you can view the history of the guardian Track, know the actions of the ward.

As the 4g watch has a standby time of up to 60-72 hours and a full-load working time of up to 10 hours, it also relieves the worries of continuous monitoring.

In addition, the iStartek PT28 4g GPS tracker watch can pre-set three guardian mobile phone numbers, so it can also be a tool for parents to communicate with the guardian and connect their feelings, and realize the phone call function.

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