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MiFi 4g router is a portable broadband wireless device, the size is similar to a credit card, integrating the functions of a modem, a router, and an access point. The built-in modem can access a wireless signal, and the internal router can share this connection among multiple users and wireless devices.

MiFi 4g router is sometimes referred to as a personal “hot spot”, which can simplify the process of setting up a small LAN. MiFi router generally supports 10 users at the same time, and devices that support Wi-Fi, including digital cameras, notebooks, games, and multimedia players, can access the Internet. 4g router devices can be used to set up specific networks and share network connections at any location through cellular connections. Below we will show you the application of iStartek MiFi Router MF606.

mifi 4g router

What is the application of the?

  1. Doing business outside. universal MiFis suitable for outdoor office use of small groups.
  2. Outdoor entertainment. Watching movies outdoors, surfing the Internet, live broadcasting, and surfing the Internet by driving.
  3. Indoor Internet. portable MiFi router can be used for users who are inconvenient to install broadband cable.

If comparing with a mobile hotspot, what are the advantages of a 4g portable router MF606?

Most smartphones have a hotspot sharing function, but the LTE MiFi router has great advantages over mobile hotspot sharing:

  1. Battery life. The smartphone runs many applications at the same time. Even if the application is not opened, many small programs in the background are constantly consuming the phone’s power. After turning on the hotspot with the smartphone, you can almost see the phone’s battery decline at a visible rate. MiFi router is a simple Internet device with only one function, so the battery can support at least 6 hours (some can support 10 hours).
  2. 4g MiFi router signal is stable. To play LOL with a mobile phone sharing hotspot, the network is disconnected every 10 minutes, because the baseband of the mobile phone cannot bear such fast data pressure, and there is no such problem with a well-made 4g MiFi router. If the mobile phone card is inserted into MiFi, other people’s calls cannot be made, which avoids another possibility of disconnection. As a professional network device, the MiFi router will play a certain role in the industry, which mobile phones do not have.

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