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We are in the era of 4G where most the technology devices require not 2G and 3G but 4G networks to communicate fast and why the 4G GPS tracker will replace the 2G/3G GPS tracker.

Why now 4G GPS tracker?

4G GPS tracker is an IOT tracking device that is used to track the location for fleet management, vehicle, pets, and so on.

4g car gps tracker

Some of the functions could be the same as that of the 2G/3G GPS tracker, but 4G may be an upgraded version of the 2G/3G tracker, which literary have the better performance to tracking the location more accurately.

We understand that  2G/3G GPS trackers could still meet our needs in your country for now, but with the development of network technology now the 5G and 4G networks are replacing traditional 3G/2G networks and most the countries have closed 2G and 3G, so you have an option but to get 4G or 5G devices.

4g motorbike tracker

The tracking device depends on GPS technology and network technology to run. If the 3G/2G network disappears, the 2G/3G GPS tracker will not work and transmit data to the server and

This could be one of the reasons why we need a 4G GPS tracker. Not only that, we have more reasons to choose the 4G GPS tracker.

The advantages of using 4G GPS Tracker 

Great performance, faster data transfer speed.

Recently, with the high development of the Internet of Things in this 21st century, many countries are gradually phasing out 3G and 2G networks and adapting 4G networks to meet up with the technology demands such as speed feedback.

Real-time tracking

4G GPS Tracking Device is a good Fleet management solution. Real-time tracking fleet will be simple to connect to our devices via PC, mobile software.

iStartek devices bring a lasting solution for fleet management systems. You can install iStartek 4G GPS trackers on multiple vehicles or trucks. Once activated, you can view all the historical driving track data on the APP interface. 4G GPS Tracking Device can help you better manage fleet effectively in some spots including Driver safety, Driver retention Fleet tracking in real-time, etc.

Suitable for different environment

4G GPS tracker can be used in a wide range of areas, including Fleet management, supply chain management, asset management, etc. And many countries because mostly the device that covers 4g it can also cover 2G or 3G at the same time.

More stability

You will find that you never lose your connection. 4G LTE GPS trackers can receive GPS signals very quickly, and your tracking target will be displayed in the APP associated with the device, which controls location information in real-time. Generally, LTE 4G GPS trackers maintain long-term operation and ensure the stability of the device. But, long working mode requires more power.

Advice from an experienced manufacturer(iStartek)

4G networks are taking over more countries, currently, 4G LTE GPS trackers are becoming the main tracking device in the market. 4G LTE GPS trackers have so many advantages that you should consider when you need to buy a tracking device. It is a cool thing that use 4G LTE GPS trackers for your vehicle to prepare for your future in case 2G/3G GPS trackers are phased out in your country.

Currently, only a few GPS TRACKER manufacturers produce 4G LTE GPS trackers. We suggest you buy a 4G GPS Tracker for you to start testing to get ready for your future business plan

The most advantage of using 4G GPS trackers is that it enhances the assets’ security and allows peace of mind. Furthermore companies’ can use tracking software to optimize processes when higher numbers of GPS tracking devices have to be monitored.

VT100-L 4G LTE GPS Tracker

VT200-L 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

VT200 2G Waterproof GPS Tracker

VT140 AIS 140 Approved GPS Tracker

VT600 GPRS GPS Tracker

VT202 Mini GPS Tracking Device

VT005 4G OBD GPS Tracker

PT29 4G Mini Pet GPS Tracker

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