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What is the difference between 4g wireless router and wifi router?

Maybe you have just started thinking about the same problem as me if you haven’t touched a 4g wireless router. You will definitely wonder what the difference of them?

outdoor 4g wireless router

A 4g wireless router actually adds a 4G dial-up part on the basis of an ordinary router. There are two types of built-in and external, for external you can use it as a outdoor 4g wireless router. The built-in is a 4G module, the PCB board of the built-in router, and the SIM card is inserted into the router to receive base station signals and go online. The external one is to connect the USB 4G network card to the USB interface of the 4g high speed router to achieve dial-up Internet access, which means that Internet access can be shared. That is, even if it is inconvenient to connect to the network cable, it can achieve the effect of the entire batch of computers going online.

lte wireless router4g wireless router

The 4g wireless router allows you to enjoy the extremely fast connection to the Internet anytime and anywhere under the WIFI security guarantee, never dropped, intelligent management. Equipped with the latest 4G and Wireless-N technologies, the router is a full-featured network device that allows you to freely enjoy worry-free network connections, whether in outdoor meetings, exhibitions, venues, factories, homes, or routing. Through the network interface, this hardware can let your desktop computer and notebook enjoy wired or 4G wireless network cable network. For example, through the MC118 router, you can easily download pictures, high-definition videos, run multimedia software, watch movies or share files with your customers, team members, friends or family. This router can even be used as a printer server, Webcam or FTP server to realize network sharing of hardware. When it is connected to the 4G network, through the value-added application software of MC118, the connection status of the 4G network can be monitored at any time. At the same time, the 4G management center allows you to monitor or maximize your network connection, as well as manage your 4G monthly traffic.

4g lte wireless router

Working principle 4g LTE wireless router mainly embeds wifi 4G module in the original router. First, the user uses a tariff card (SIM card) to insert a 4g wireless router, and dial-up network through the operator’s 4G network WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, data transmission, Internet access, etc. can be realized. The router has WIFI function to share the Internet. As long as the mobile phone, computer, psp has a wireless network card or with wifi function, it can access the Internet through a LTE wireless router, which provides great convenience for realizing wireless LAN sharing 3G wireless network. Some manufacturers also have wired broadband interfaces, so they can access the Internet normally without 4G. Through 4G wireless router, broadband connection can be achieved, reaching or exceeding the current network bandwidth of ADSL, and it has become very widespread in applications such as the Internet of Things.

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