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iStartek Internal Antenna 4G LTE VT200/VT200-L Car Tracker Device

Hello, hi everyone who reads this article. I am Nube and I am from China shenzhen iStartek Techinology Co.,Limited. I am glad to meet you.Now the epidemic is still spreading, I hope you and your family are all well, please take care of yourself. “Quality is our culture”.That’s our company tagline, and one we’ve been flattering all along.Shenzhen iStartek Technology company is professional manufacturer for 4G/3G/2G/NB/Lora Car Tracker Device and 4G wireless router since 2015 in China.

iStartek is ISO9000 approved factory, offering 3 years quality warranty, with 1% lower defective rate and rich government project experience, such as NBTC, LTFRB, AIS140, etc.

It has been three years since the epidemic, and the world has entered a period of relaxation, as if everything is back on track.

It is precisely because of the emergence of the epidemic that many people’s original lifestyles have undergone great changes. Distrust of people and dissatisfaction with life lead them to do something illegal.

Of course, there are still many people whose lives are still full of hope. It is precisely because of this sudden virus that more people have learned to cherish the moment. Love yourself more and love your family more.

In the case of protecting your own safety, you should also protect your own property safety. For example, installing a Car Tracker Device on your favorite vehicle can let your closest people know where you are in any situation, and make your family feel more at ease.

iStartek has so many models and functions of Car Tracker Device, there is always one that meets your needs, adding diversified devices to your product line, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Therefore, many customers now install a Car Tracker Device on their vehicles to facilitate real-time tracking of vehicles.

In addition, most customers will also connect a relay to use with the Car Tracker Device. When the vehicle is found to be stolen, the fuel and electricity can be remotely cut off through SMS commands or platform messages, so that the thief cannot start the vehicle and find his own vehicle on the map. vehicle.

Today I would like to recommend our popular basic model, the VT200 series.(2G/4G)

Our 4G GPS Tracker VT200L is recommended with the following features:

VT200-L 4G internal antenna GPS tracker has:

1.Support 4G/3G/2G network

2.GPS +GLONASS(Optional) +BD2

3.3IN + 2OUT+1AD+1RS232+1- Wire

4.IP65 Waterproof, support FOTA

5.9-100V Power Supply

6.Support Two-way Audio (Optional)

7.Remote cut-off (petrol/power)

8.Support RFID and OBD II Reader

9.Temperature/Fuel Monitoring

10.Driver Behavior Monitoring

11.Maximum 4IN or 2AD configurable

gps tracker no sim card

VT200-L Car Tracker Device Optional accessories support IButton, RFID Card, Temperature sensor, Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor, Microphone.

Would you like to take a sample to test?

We offer 3 years quality warranty, with?2days fast delivery?and?2 hours fast technical response,?CE/ROHS approved.

4G equipment needs to match the appropriate version according to the local operator’s network frequency band. If there is a local 2G network, we also have a 2G version available.

gps tracker with sim card

If you want to know more about iStartek Car Tracker Device products, you can check it on our official website:, Or send an email to: My Whatsapp: 0086-18680372944. Thank you for watching. Grateful.

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