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How to Test iStartek VT200-L Car Tracking Device GPS with Camera?

Do you want a car tracking device gps which support camera? If yes, iStartek VT200-L tracking device gps with Camera will be your best option. This article we will show you how to test iStartek VT200-L car tracking device with Camera via GPRS Server.

GPRS Server is a simulate testing server, each time we can only set 1pcs unit to send data to GPRS Server. Tracker firmware should be V118 version or higher than V118 version. If you want the GPRS Server software or latest firmware please contact with iStartek Team.

  1. Set Port forwarding on the web based management page of your router, fill in port and ip. Port you can set randomly just make sure it’s in 4 digits, ip is a specified ip which you can check in below steps:

On your laptop, open the run box through the shortcut command win+r, enter ipconfig, and click enter to find the corresponding IP.

 tracking device gps

Then set Port forwarding in your router accordingly:

car tracking device

vehicle tracker

  1. Turn on GPRS-SERVER to get ip, fill in the port 8001, click listen.
  2. Use the port and ip for car tracking device setting up. (The ip we get on GPRS-server)

Then for car tracking device gps setting up we will us ip and port as below:


Port: 8001

car tracking

Check if data coming on GPRS-server, if yes, we can start testing VT200-L tracking device gps with Camera.

  1. Connect VT200-L car tracking device gps with Camera

Important: Please connect the car tracking device with external power supply firstly, then connect the camera with car tracking device via RS232 Port secondly, to prevent the camera from being burned out due to excessive voltage instantaneously.

vehicle tracking

4.1 After connecting car tracking device gps wires, you can set the serial port to connect to the external device through the Parameter Editor (version V1.8 or later) or SMS command:

1) Open Parameter Editor: select “Camera”

vehicle tracking device

Configuration by SMS command 252, Example: 0000,252,1,3

4.2 Take pictures on demand

Send 262 commands to take pictures, after the car tracking device gps uploads the photo event to the platform, the platform sends 265 commands to read the photo data. After the car tracking device gps uploads the complete photo data, the platform can issue the 264 command to delete the photo (VT200 series car tracking device gps support up to 128 photo storage, and the earliest photo will be overwritten when the photo exceeds 128)

  • Send GPRS command to take pictures via GPRS server; for example, to take pictures for camera 1#, you can send as below screenshot:

Select XTL_PRO, fill in 262, fill in 1, choose ASCII Data, select show in Hex, finally click send

car tracker

Then we can see ok on the data, 221021023009C1E34.jpg is the photo name.

car tracking

vehicle gps tracker

4.3 Read photos

The photo can only be read through the platform (GPRS) by sending the 265 command.

For example, to read the picture 221021023009C1E34.jpg, you can send on GPRS server as below:

car trackings

As shown above, the garbled code is reading the photo. When you see that the garbled code is not displayed in the GPRS SERVER, it means that the photo reading completed.

Then you can search 221021023009C1E34.jpg to find the photo in your laptop. If you have any query about istartek car tracking device gps welcome to contact us freely.

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