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Parameter configuration software is iStartek software tool which is used for configuring Fast GPS Tracker locating terminal parameters or settings.


Requirements to use Parameter editor:

  • Desktop or laptop computers, Windows XP and above systems;
  • A Micro USB data line;
  • USB data line driver;
  • Parameter configuration software.

Installation  Steps:

  1. Run PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstalle r.exe’ installer to install the driver of the USB-232 data line.
  2. istartek parameter
  3. Turn the Tracker switch on or connect the Fast GPS Tracker to the external power supply.
  4. Plug the USB-232 data line into the USB port of the computer and connect the GPS positioning terminal to the USB data line:
  5. Running the configuration software “iStartek Parameter Editor”, and it will appear as the following software window:

istartek parameter gps

Choose the right COM and Click Open” to open COM port. As shown above and At the lower left corner of the configuration software , it should show this sign ” Connected”, which means the device enters configuration mode.

parameter gps

Configuration parameters

1. Column I:Info

istartek gps parameter

Read All: You can click read all to know the current parameters

Write All: You can click Write All after you have finished to write some configurations.

2. Column II :GPRS

gps parameter

APN: You set your Sim card APN maximum 32 characters

APN Username: The APN Name, of the SIM card is up to 32 characters, leaving blank if the user name is empty

APN Password: The APN Password, of the SIM card is up to 32 characters. If the password is empty, leave it blank


IP:  You set IP or domain name of your server or can use our server if you are using our own tracking platform, maximum 32 characters

Port: You set  Server ports of your server or can use our server if you are using our own tracking platform


GPRS Mode: Select TCP or UDP communication mode transmission or turn off communication mode transmission however we advice you to use TCP Mode.

Report Mode:

Reporting modalities:

“No needs server’s confirmation” does not require the platform to reply to receive confirmation;

“Needs server’s confirmation” for the platform to reply to receive confirmation.


Buffer Mode:  

Cache send mode:

“FILO” in the first-in-and-out mode, when the network returns to normal, new events are sent first and cached data later.

“FIFO” is first-in-first-out mode, and all events are sent as first-in-first-out.


Time Interval: sets the interval value for GPRS tracking.

Unit seconds ,0 for cancellation GPRS timing tracking; maximum interval =65535 seconds


ACC Off Interval: Set the interval value GPRS timing upload in ACC Off state.

The unit is the timing tracking function GPRS cancel the ACC Off state; the maximum interval time =65535 seconds.


Stop Interval: The interval value uploaded when the device stops. After setting the stop time interval, the device moves at the Time Interval time interval; in seconds, the maximum is 65535 seconds.

When the ACC Off Interval, is set at the same time, priority is given to uploading data on ACC Off Interval conditions.


Write All: After all configurtions, you have to click Write All to save all you have done.

Basically, when you want just to put the Fast GPS Tracker device online and test it at the office that’s all ‘you need for configuration by Parameter editor, but you can also configure more parameters as you want. If you want the Parameter user manual we can provide it .

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