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Kids GPS Tracker are the devices that allows parents or guardians to keep track of their children’s location in real time. It typically consists of a small wearable device that is attached to the child’s clothing or placed in a backpack, and a companion mobile app or website that allows the parents to monitor the child’s whereabouts.


Here are some key features and considerations when looking for Kids GPS Tracker:


GPS Location Tracking: The device should have GPS capabilities to accurately track the child’s location. Some Kids GPS Tracker also use additional technologies like Wi-Fi and cellular networks to provide more accurate and reliable tracking indoors and in urban areas.


Real-Time Monitoring: The accompanying app or website should provide real-time updates on the child’s location, allowing parents to track their movements and receive notifications if they go outside a designated safe zone.


Geofencing: Geofencing allows parents to set up virtual boundaries or safe zones on the map. If the child leaves or enters these predefined areas, the parents receive an alert.


Two-Way Communication: Some trackers offer two-way communication, enabling parents and children to communicate with each other through voice calls or text messages.


SOS Button: An SOS button on the tracker can be useful in emergencies. When pressed, it sends an alert to the parents or designated contacts, providing the child’s location and possibly initiating a call.


Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the tracker, as you’ll want it to last for a reasonable amount of time before needing a recharge.


Durability and Water Resistance: Since the tracker will be worn by a child, it should be durable and water-resistant to withstand everyday activities and possible accidents.


Privacy and Security: Choose a tracker from a reputable manufacturer that prioritizes privacy and data security. Look for devices that have secure data transmission and strict privacy policies.


Compatibility: Ensure that the tracker is compatible with your mobile device’s opera.


iStartek 4G Personal GPS Tracker PT29 meets above requirements.

kids GPS tracking device

PT29 is a 4G LTE GPS asset tracker. The built-in high-precision GPS positioning module reports the positioning information to the tracking service platform through the 4G network for asset monitoring and management. Built-in MIC can realize two-way conversation, SOS one-key dialing function. It can be applied to personal positioning and pet positioning. Kids GPS Tracker has three working modes: normal, power saving, and sleep, and you can set the working mode by yourself through the APP.


》Support 4G network

》Two-way audio

》SOS Button

》82 Hours standby


》IP67 waterproof

》Inbuilt 1050mah battery


Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquires about iStartek Kids GPS Tracker.

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