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fuel tank GPS tracker is a device that is installed on a fuel tank to monitor its location and fuel level. These trackers use GPS technology to provide real-time location data and can be integrated with fuel level sensors to provide information on the amount of fuel in the tank.

Fuel tank GPS trackers are commonly used in the transportation and logistics industry to monitor the location and fuel levels of vehicles and fuel trucks. They can help fleet managers optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent fuel theft.

Some fuel tank GPS trackers also come with features like geofencing, which allows fleet managers to set up virtual boundaries around specific locations and receive alerts when the fuel tank enters or leaves the designated area. This can help prevent unauthorized use of the vehicle or fuel theft.

Overall, fuel tank GPS trackers provide valuable insights into the location and fuel levels of vehicles and fuel tanks, helping businesses improve their operations and reduce costs.


iStartek VT100-L fuel tank GPS Tracker is recommended.


VT100-L is a 4G based vehicle GPS Tracker with built-in high-precision, GPS+BDS dual-mode positioning module; It integrates functions of driving behavior monitoring, remote fuel cut, low power alarm, external power disconnect alarm, various abnormal alarms, electronic geo-fences etc., and uploads information to the platform to create comprehensive supervision and security for vehicle driving. By its ultra mini size, it is easier to install and hide, which is suitable for the automotive risk control industry, vehicle supervision, anti-theft and shared travel industries.

istartek gps tracker

VT100-L has a built-in 16Mb Flash memory. When the device enters a place without network, it will automatically save the historical positioning data. When the network returns to normal, it will automatically resend the historical positioning data to the tracking platform.


VT100-L with Capacitive Fuel Sensor Installation Guide:

The range of analog input AD1 and AD2 is 0-6.6V. Need to configure IN1 (white wire) or IN2 (orange wire) as AD INPUT, up to two fuel sensors (voltage output type sensors) can be connected, the wiring connection is as follows:


After connected wires, can set the size of the fuel tank (length, width, height), data source (AD1/AD2), sensor type (capacitive fuel sensor or ultrasonic fuel sensor), liters of fuel stolen, fuel stolen time, low fuel alarm by Parameter Editor.

Fuel Sensor

For example, as above parameters setting, if the fuel tank connected to AD1 decreases more than 20 liters within

60 seconds, an fuel theft alarm will be generated; and if the fuel volume is less than 10 liters, a low fuel alarm will

be generated.

Example: The fuel tank height is 100cm and full fuel is 50 liters, GPRS data as below:


7,27,0000000F,02,01,04E2|018C|01C8 |0000,1,0104B0,01013D|02813546\r\n

AD1 voltage is 0x01C8 (hexadecimal)=456 (decimal), AD1=456/100 (fixed value)=4.56V;

AD2 voltage is 0x0000=0, AD2=0/100=0V;

Example: Connect the GPS Tracker analog input to capactive fuel sensor, the yellow-green wire of the sensor are

connected to the white wires (AD) of the VT100-L.

When the fuel is empty, the sensor output voltage is 0V, when the fuel is full, the sensor output voltage is 5V

Calculate the percentage of remaining fuel:

Fuel percentage=(AD/5)*100%=(4.56/5)*100%=91.2%.

Calculate the remaining fuel in liters:

The remaining fuel in liters = (AD/5) * 50 liters = 45.6 liters


Please feel free to contact us if there is any inquires about istartek fuel tank GPS Tracker.

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