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The car obd2 tracker is a vehicle anti-theft tracking tracker. The OBD interface positioner is a plug-and-play positioner without complicated installation steps. The position of the OBD interface of various models is different, but the installation is also very simple. 

The car OBD interface can detect the engine electronic control system during the operation of the car, as well as the working conditions of other functional modules of the vehicle. You can view car data, detect car faults, and perform operations such as car repair, function development, and equipment modification through the OBD interface of the car and the computer. In addition, the anti-theft locator can be inserted into the vehicle OBD to track and locate the vehicle.

The obd2 tracker, car wireless GPS locator belongs to the wired GPS locator, because it is powered by the OBD interface of the car. Compared with the wired GPS locator, the OBD car wireless GPS locator is more convenient to install and can be used as long as it is inserted into the OBD interface on the car.

OBD-II refers to the communication protocol of type Ⅱ vehicle diagnostic system. The standard communication protocols are: ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000), SAE J1850PWM, SAE J1850 VPM and ISO15765-4 (CAN-BUS). 5 types, different protocols contain different contents.

obd ii gps tracker

The full name of “OBD Ⅱ” is “on-Board Diag-nositics Ⅱ”, which is the abbreviation of Type Ⅱ On-Board Diagnostic System. Primarily a standardized system for diagnosing vehicle emissions and propulsion-related faults. After the implementation of obd2 tracker, any professional can use the same diagnostic instrument to diagnose any car produced according to the standard. Previously, this diagnostic system was only implemented for vehicles sold in the United States. Since 1996, all new cars sold in the United States must have similar diagnostic instruments, fault codes and maintenance procedures, and must comply with OBD Ⅱ procedures. However, with the continuous opening of the economy and the continuous development of the global economy, automobiles are gradually moving towards internationalization. As the basis for driving and emission diagnosis, the OBD II system has been implemented and applied more and more widely. The obd2 tracker system can simplify the diagnosis of automobile faults, and can diagnose faults in a unified manner, so that maintenance personnel no longer need to learn new systems from different manufacturers.

obd gps tracker

You can easily access the data in the car through the OBD2 connector. Two obd2 female 16-pin connector types (A and B) are specified in the SAE J1962 standard.

Pictured is an example of a Type A obd2 tracker pin connector (sometimes called DLC (Data Link Connector)). have to be aware of is: The OBD2 connector is around the steering wheel, but may also be under the pads or behind the dash. Not all male headers fit all OBD2 female headers, check the connector type and OBD pins. Pin 16 is connected to the car battery, which is usually connected after the flame is turned off. Pin 6 (CAN-H) and pin 14 (CAN-L) are the most important as CAN (ISO 15765-4) is standard on most modern cars (including EVs).

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