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Can speed limiter GPS tracker work as a Speed Governor to control vehicle speed?

Can a speed limiter GPS tracker work as a Speed Governor to control vehicle speed?

Speeding increases Vehicle crash risk and the consequences of accidents. Drivers’ speed choice is influenced by many factors, including the environment, the purpose of the journey, and personal preferences. In many instances, however, the way people choose to speed up while driving is not safe, and not in agreement with the speeds other drivers choose. Speed limiters are a promising technological solution to increase compliance with speed limits and promote speed homogeneity. Speed limiter with GPS Tracker can function either by issuing a speed warning when the driver is exceeding the speed limit or by directly controlling the speed of the vehicle.

speed limiter GPS Tracking Device

Government data for recent years show that approximately half of all vehicles exceeded the speed limit on 30 mph roads with a tendency to do so when those roads were quieter. When asked their reason for breaking the speed limit on these roads, most drivers cited matching the speed of other drivers on the road or believing the limit is too low, a mindset that can have terrible consequences.

It’s your responsibility to reduce the risk of accidents by monitoring your fleet’s driving style. Creating a company speeding policy and using vehicle tracking to help you enforce it is a great first step.

With help of a Speed limiter, a speed limiter GPS tracker can cut fuel supply or pedal power supply when the vehicle speed exceeds the preset max speed limit. With a customized program, the user can send an SMS command to set a required speed (E.g. 100 KM/H), when the vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, here is 100KM/H, the tracker will command speed limiter to cut fuel supply till vehicle speed comes down. You can set up any speed limit by SMS command referring to the actual circumstances.

The benefits of reducing speeding

A great effort to manage and reduce incidences of speeding can bring great benefits to your company, such as:

  1. Protecting your drivers by mitigating risk and reducing the chances of accidents.
  2. A better company reputation
  3. Improving customer satisfaction by reducing delays due to driver/vehicle downtime.
  4. Measurable cost savings

Use speed limiter with vehicle tracking to ensure adherence to your speeding policy

With a vehicle tracking system, you can know drivers who exceed a certain speed. At iStartek, this capability comes through our GPS Tracker analysis report from the speed limiter, which can be set up to be automatically SMS to you.  Instantly identify drivers who have gone over a speed threshold and can take action, according to the terms of your configuration speeding policy.

The iStartek vehicle tracking system also allows you to set speed scores based on people’s driving performance, of which speed is a factor, the driving behavior is also a useful tool for looking at driver performance across your entire fleet.

speed limiter GPS

How can you use this speed limiter to control drivers?

If a driver has violated your speeding policy, it’s better for your business, the general public, and the driver themselves that you take action right away.

If the driver is driving a mile over the speed limit is breaking the law, so you can take control by looking at speeding. But we correlate it to driving time, too–was it an instance of over-taking, or were they speeding consistently?

With iStartek you can be safe and have a great reputation by reducing vehicle accidents with iStartek speed limiter GPS tracker followed by informative data from a vehicle tracking system, you will have all the tools you need to control your drivers into better driving behaviors and avoid the consequences that speeding can have on your business.

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