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How to Track Your Elderly by Watch GPS Tracking Device at Your Convenience?

PT66C is a 4G based Watch GPS Tracking Device designed for tracking elders and adults as well. With built-in high-precision GPS positioning module reports the people location and health status to the tracking service mobile Application through the 4G GPS network for real-time and WiFi.

4g watch gps tracker


  1. Real-time GPS, WIFI & LBS location 2.Historical track, Geofence 3.Calling (Contacts, SOS call button, two-way communication) 4.Voice Chat message 5.Camera function 6.Health pedometer 7.Alarm clock 8.Disabled in class (Children’s watch) 9.Class Schedule (Children’s watch) 10.Reject calls from strangers 11.Prohibit dial keypad 12.Other settings and functions

Main advantage of PT66C Watch GPS Tracking Device:

  1. three location update modes.

User can switch the working mode via

mobile phone APP, Click ‘More Set upà ‘Location Update Schedule’.

(1) Normal mode: Updates location data to APP every 10 minutes when there is continuous movement. It is the default mode.

(2)Power saving mode: Updates location data to APP every hour when there is a

continuous movement.

  • Sleep Mode: Geo-fence (safe zone) and location updates are both invalid. this modeis the best way to save battery.
  1. Historical Location Playback and Geo-fence (safe zone)

PT66C App will show leave geofence alarm information (History alarm

information can be viewed in APP Information Centre, which is in the upper left corner

of the map interface). The APP may not notify user immediately of a geofence breach – it will

only check as often as the time interval is set, the GPS positioning time interval is

shorter, the alarm information will be sent faster and user can set up to three Geo-fences.

  1. Calling:

Use phonebook to call: Click the contact icon in the GPS watch

to view the contact list, slide up and down to select a contact to Call.

One-Button SOS: in case of emergency, press the power button for

3 seconds to trigger the emergency call SOS. At this time, the GPS

watch will call the 3 preset emergency numbers circularly.

Call dialing: Click the dial icon in GPS watch, enter phone numbers

manually, the telephone dial-out. APP More à Set up à Switch settings àUncheck

Dialing function save,It can lock the dialing function,Means that the watch can only

call the phone number in the phone book.

Note: Do not input special characters in phonebook, such as “-“, “()” etc

  1. Health steps

PT66C can show Healthy steps, you can Click one of the menus to edit Set

pedometer period of time (up to three),step, Weight, and turn on the switch. Exercise/Sports

is the same setting. Blood pressure/Heart rate(Elderly Watch): Click “Remote measurement” can Measure the wrist temperature.

  1. Location Update

Your GPS Watch will update its location based on the set location update schedule. This interval will directly impact the battery life of your Watch. APP More set up Location update schedule. Normal mode: Updates location data to APP every 10 minutes when there is continuous movement.

Power saving mode: Updates location data to APP every hour when there is continuous

movement. Sleep Mode: Location will not automatically update. The user will need to request a location with the “Locate” button manually. In this mode, Geo-fence (safe zone) will not work. This mode is the best way to save battery. To locate Watch, tap on the ‘locate’ button, and the GPS tracker will update its position as soon as possible.

  1. Using the Watch GPS Tracking Device overseas

Your Watch GPS Tracking Device can be used overseas. You will need to ensure your SIM card has global roaming or use a country local SIM. You will need to update the APN settings to access the local countries SIM network

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