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For Starting, GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. Owned by the United States government. It was initially created for government use, then to civilian and commercial use worldwide with mature technology. There are three parts to a GPS system: satellites, ground stations, and receivers. Satellites are used as a source of find the location of a receiver from space as a satellite’s exact position is known at any time. Ground stations ensure the location of the satellites are in radar range, and receivers get signals from a group of satellites to measure how far they are and pinpoint the location of a receiver.In this way, we can get the satellite quantity in GPS for Car tracker data.

The most popular type is a cell-based GPS car tracker. Using mobile phone apps to monitor real-time locations is exactly important, and is currently the most common type of GPS tracking . This method is very convenient to owner to monitor their asset.

In past, car theft has been on the rise with thousands of cars stolen in the worldwide every year. Even though buyer did much to prevent from being stolen car, most of the stolen cars are never recovered. Thieves detach the car and sell the parts or reassemble it on a different car.Under this situation, we strongly recommend our gps tracker for car.

There is most hot-sale model for car gps tracker : VT100-L 4g gps tracker for motorcycle:

》4G Band 

》Real time track by SMS/GPRS

》Various anti-theft alarms

》Engine Cut (Engine immobilization)

》9-100V Power Supply

》ACC detection

》Voice monitor

》Fuel monitor

GPS Device

The advantages of GPS for Car:

Risk and behavior monitoring and alarm;

The 4G gps car tracker can real-time collect the driving data and send to the platform without delay. People can set electronic fence based on the returned data, effectively prejudging the danger, and avoiding the risk of the car lost.

Behavior prejudge and risk control;

Monitor the specific location of car at any time. If you find the car appears in strange place, such as repair shop, mortgage shop and other sensitive location, you can immediately intervene the scene by GPS for Car .

And These are advantage of our GPS for Car product :

  1.  Private mold for building brand;
  2.  Dual high valtage protection: internal high voltage control IC, fuse in cable to avoid burning PCBA;
  3. High temperature Durable battery;
  4. Inbuilt watch dog , automatically restart if device is stuck, support long time working;
  5. Multi-function design, easy customization for different requirement;

The motorcycle gps tracker has become the most effective technical means for asset security. And it has also multiple functions such as real-time monitoring, multiple alarms, danger warnings, and data statistics to keep your asset safe!

If you want more information about the GPS for Car motorcycle tracker, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be at your service 7/24.

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