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Today’s GPS technology has become a big part of modern life and waterproof tracking device is a process at the heart of any vehicle tracking system. You frequently see it in your daily life, but do you know about it? It really bring a huge commercial market now.

Here, we would like to introduce some knowledge of GPS tracking, including how it works and a little about the basics and origins of modern GPS systems. You will be amazed for this big value gadget.

The knowledge of GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking refers to a Global Positioning System. It entails a network of 24 satellites in orbit and devices on the ground that can establish a person or object’s location on Earth with astonishing precision. GPS Tracking tracks three separate data sets: positioning, navigation, and timing.

You may not realize it but this technology has been around for a long time. GPS was originally created for military use in the 1960s. In 1983, GPS became available for commercial use, and the technology has only grown from there.

The Method Of GPS System

GPS requires the use of many satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites continually broadcast their locations and status above us. This is continually monitored by the GPS Master Control Station, as well as other tracking and monitoring stations here on the ground, to ensure accuracy and proper function. The Master Control Station is also responsible for maintenance and correction, should anything go wrong.

Now we are pleased to introduce you for our new model VT100-L Waterproof tracking device :

Waterproof gps tracking device

The 4g LTE Waterproof tracking device is designed with 2 inputs(can be used for ACC and door detect,also for two-way talk with customized software),1 Outputs to stop engine remotely, 1 Micro USB ,1 Speaker ,1 Microphone . It meet customer’s basic requirement.

The advantages of VT100-L Car Tracker:

  1. Private Design,Easy to be impressed in market;
  2. Duel high voltage protection,prevent device from burning due to instant high voltage when start vehicle;

3.High temperature resistant battery, make device work well in high temperature environment.

4.In-built watch dog , automatically restart if device is stuck, support long time working

  1. 9-100V power supply, IP66 waterproof, 3 year warranty

GPS is a vital part of modern fleet tracking systems in order to keep track of vehicle activity and location, improving safety and efficiency. It’s really a worthy inclusion in any fleet’s operations. In addition to making dispatch and routing easier and more accurate, this means safer roads for everyone and a better reputation for your brand’s fleet.

Our GPS tracking system comes tested, activated and ready to use! All you have to do is open login and monitor your vehicles. IStartek is committed to matching your business with the correct solution, so that you can improve your services, increase revenue and reduce costs. If you have questions regarding which of our waterproof tracking device and monitor systems , we are always at your service!

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